1 October 2012

The Beginning

When I was eight years old, I bought my first superhero comic....
Thirty years later and I now have four and a half thousand of them.
When I was in Iraq, I started writing stories....
Several years later and I've got a lot of full notepads.

In May 2012 I attended the Bristol Comics Expo (as I do every year - ty Mrs R!)  As well as the usual geeking, chatting and queueing for art work, I sat in on two very good panels - the 2000AD panel and the Anthology panel.  Suitably inspired, I decided to combine my desire to write stories with my passion for comics....next stop a job with DC or Marvel, surely?
Submitting my first script to FutureQuake it was rejected.  Dammit.

Oh well, time to try again....

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