18 December 2013

Nanoism - At Last!

After quite a few times of trying, I've finally had one of my micro fiction stories (maximum 140 characters in length) published on Nanoism

Nanoism is somewhat of a difficult place to get a story accepted, as they only publish one story a week and it's commissioned (paid) work.  Added to that, the genre is not of my more usual 'speculative' type!

The story can be found here:-


13 December 2013

'Area 101' Ready For Metaverse

When I first saw Dan Cornwell's art for my story 'Area 101', it left me speechless.

Now that's really saying something.

Never mind each incredibly detailed panel, the individuality of characters and breathtaking backgrounds... Dan's colouring is simple outstanding.  Seriously, I spend ages just zooming in and around each panel to marvel at his work.  You have been warned!

The 5 page story is now fully lettered and awaiting it's place in the METAVERSE Anthology which will hopefully be launched next Springtime.

Meanwhile, here's a quick teaser...

4 December 2013

Pure Slush Birthday Stories

A short story I sent for the Pure Slush 3rd Birthday competition.

Each enrty must only be 3 lines long and contain the word 'pure' or 'slush.'

It can be found here:-


12 November 2013

VS Comics Commission

Perhaps the biggest news so far from my brief foray into the world of comics....

VS Comics have accepted my pitch for the first part of an on-going series entitled 'Next of Kin.'

We're in the early stages of production, but confirmed as my artist (he took a lot of persuasion!) is once again the incredibly talented Dan Cornwell.

Dan is committed to other projects until early next year, but after that, we hope to start work on what will be for both of us, our biggest and highest exposure project to date.

*Happy Face*


5 November 2013

Pound of Flash

One of my stories has been chosen for the website Pound of Flash (part of the Kind of a Hurricane Press group.)

It was written during this years hot summer and is entitled 'Snipers in the Sun.'

You can have a read of it here:-


15 October 2013

100 Worlds Anthology

The concept is a good one.  100 authors, 100 stories and all told in only 100 words.

Dreamscape Press has been masterminding this concept as the 100 Worlds Anthology and I'm pleased to say that one of my stories has been accepted into the book.

The anthology will be published in the coming months as both an eBook as well as in print from Amazon, Smashwords and others.  More info to follow soon!

3 October 2013

Runner Up in Darker Times Competition

My short story 'Trapped' has been named as the Runner Up in a competition run on Jessica Grace Coleman's fiction writing website Darker Times.

Another of my stories got an Honourable Mention too.

Both stories will be included in the forthcoming Darker Times Collection, available as both paperback and for Kindle.

Here's the link to 'Trapped'...


27 September 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen Anthology

Just finished lettering 'On Second Thoughts' for Water Closet Press's newest issue - it's Ladies and Gentlemen Anthology and it looks great!

The story features a cross over of their Victorian styled era, with the high-tec future world of COLT-45.  The comic will be available at Thought Bubble in November.  Buy it!

Here's a teaser of Darren's artwork...

25 September 2013

METAVERSE Teaser Image

Here's a quick 'teaser' image from the ultra talented Dan Cornwell.  It's from 'Area 101', a story written by my good self that's destined for the METAVERSE Anthology.

This is as much as I've seen so far and I'm like an excited child at Christmas!

21 September 2013

TXTLIT - August Competition Runner Up!

One of my micro fiction stories was shortlisted for the August TxtLit competition and I ended up as a 'Runner Up.'

I consider this encouraging news, as it's the first writing competition I've ever entered!

Here's the link to the txtlit competition results:-


And here's the story in full:-

As I fall into the endless gloom of the black hole, I stare in disbelief at the safety clip in my hands. Thirty years of NASA training. One silly mistake.

By Chris Redfern

16 September 2013

50 Word Story - The Scout

Another publishing success!  Fifty Word Stories is a website that publishes stories with, yes you've guessed it, exactly 50 words.  It's my first time on their website and with one of my favourite little tales too.  Happy face.

Here's the link:-


and here's the story itself:-

The scout was young, only fourteen, and he was one of the best.
Countless times he’d saved his people from both ambush and defeat, but when the arrow took him, their fate, like his own, was sealed.
The enemy scout lowered his bow. He was young, only thirteen, but better.

8 September 2013

COLT-45 Update

Darren's doing a truly great job with the artwork on COLT-45.  As I've now started work on lettering the first few pages, it really seems like we're making progress at last!

Here's a 'teaser' showing the very first panel of the comic...

5 September 2013

Trapeze Magazine Success

Another of my 'Mico Fiction' stories has been published today in Trapeze Magazine.

It's one of my favourites and so here it is:-

Here's the link to my page on the Trapeze Magazine website:-


4 September 2013

Psychedelic Journal Blog

A very nice piece from Owen Watts over on his website for The Psychedelic Journal which gives a 'teaser' of my story 'Primitive Possibilities' with art by JT Pegg.

Link to the story:-


and here's the 'teaser' art:-

1 September 2013

Competition Winner!

Those fine people over at Disconnected Press ran a competition to produce a 'tongue-in-cheek' quote for the rear cover of their forthcoming comic 'Sentient Zombie Space Pigs.'

Guess who was one of the winners?!

Yup, yours truly...

28 August 2013

METAVERSE Anthology - Made the Cut!

After a few nail biting days, it's finally been announced that my script entitled 'Area 101' has made the cut for the upcoming mega comic anthology project that is METAVERSE.

But the best news is that Dan Cornwell has agreed to do the art duties for the story AND he may even have time to complete the story IN COLOUR!

Needless to say this is exciting news and considering the names of the other artists and writers involved in the project, I'm both extremely proud and excited to be a part of it.

Check out Dan's website and prepare to be impressed...


22 August 2013

Published in Trapeze Magazine

'Micro Fiction' or 'Twitter Fiction' is actually a lot harder than it seems.  How do you get a story, often of a speculative nature, into a maximum of 140 characters.  That's only about 30 words!

The answer is - with some difficulty.  After many rejected attempts, I've pleased to have finally managed to have one of my stories published on the great little website Trapeze Magazine.

Here's the link to my story, enjoy!....


4 August 2013

Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel

Today I got to see the line up of artists and writers for Volume 3 of the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel and it looks like it's going to be a real corker!

Not only that, but JT Pegg (the artist for my own 2 page story 'Primitive Possibilities') sent me his first rough drawings of the script.  I was amazed.  He's incredibly talented and I consider myself very lucky to be paired up with him.

The book itself will be published in about the springtime of next year.  Can't wait!

28 July 2013

COLT-45 Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Incredible as it may seem, COLT-45 finally finished its run on Kickstarter yesterday and has surpassed all expectations!

152% of the original goal was raised and not only that, we reached the second Stretch Goal!

A big thank you to all the project backers.

Now the hard work begins......

20 July 2013

Into The Final Week

Only one week to go on the COLT-45 Kickstarter Project and the good news is we've hit our first Stretch Goal!

Once again a MASSIVE thank you to all our backers!


16 July 2013

A Good Day All Round

Yesterday I was too busy to even finish my last post and so I'll continue today.

Not only did I get another story published on Paragraph Planet (see below) but I also got my issue of Futurequake #23 through the door, my first published work in the flesh!

Furthermore, I also received an email informing me that one of my flash fiction stories had been accepted by Flash Fiction World.  Here's a link to the story itself:-


There's a chance it might be selected for FFW's next Anthology published by Amazon.

Here's hoping!

7 July 2013

Submission Accepted!

Within the usual heap of rejection emails, a glimmer of positivity shines forth!

My 2 page comic script entitled 'Primitive Possibilities' has been accepted for the next volume of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel.'

Should be on sale sometime early next year (unless of course you've already travelled forward in time to get one.)

5 July 2013

End of Kickstarter Week #1

A big thank you to all my backers!  At present, COLT-45 has achieved 110% of it's initial goal.  Let's hit those Stretch Goals!

Spread the word.....


2 July 2013

Flash Fiction Published Online

I somehow managed to get a short story published on the great little website Paragraph Planet

Each story has to be exactly 75 words long including the title.

Here it is, enjoy...

30 June 2013

FutureQuake #23

FQ#23 has a cover!  My first published comic work is nearly here...!

Check out the link....

FutureQuake Issue 23

29 June 2013

Goal Reached!

Thank you to everyone for helping reach the COLT-45 Kickstarter goal of £250.
What about a stretch goal of COLT£450?!
After these two days, I can actually believe it possible....!

28 June 2013

Day 2 of Kickstarter - 70% of Goal!

Fantastic News!  It's only Day 2 of the Kickstarter Project and we're at 70%!

Thank you to all who've pledged their support!

What about Stretch Goals...?!  Hmmmmm.......


27 June 2013

COLT-45 Has Launched!

OK, Big news.....

COLT-45 has launched on Kickstarter as of NOW!

It will be running for the next 30 days, so please feel free to take a look and hopefully pledge!

Here's the link......

15 June 2013

Kickstarter in 2 Weeks Time

Three script rejections in as many weeks - boo hiss!  What makes you stronger and all that...!

Anyway, in more exciting news, it's nearly July and that means...

COLT-45 launching on Kickstarter.  Check the Facebook link for details.

13 May 2013

Bristol Comics Expo 2013

A big thank you to all the people that gave me valuable advice at BCE.  It was great for both Darren (my artist on Colt-45) and myself to gain an insight into the world of Small Press Comics.

Special thanks to Disconnected Press and Jon Lock Comics for their time.

Incidentally, this was my seventh time to the Bristol Expo (the first being the inaugural expo in '99!) and it was the first time I've not managed to get any con sketches or attend any panels.  Too much talking me-thinks!

9 May 2013

Colt-45 Project Gaining Momentum

The script is getting it's final edit.
The Character Studies by Darren are complete.
The Flyer is printed and ready to go.
Facebook Page up and running... www.facebook.com/colt45thecomic
Next stop BCE to meet with Darren and spread the word.

Then the big Kickstarter Launch!

22 April 2013

28 March 2013

Good News - More Commissions

Good News 1 - My three page script CALL OF DUTY has been commissioned for a FutureQuake issue hopefully to be published at the end of the year.

Good News 2 - I've just heard that NEXT OF KIN has been accepted for a future edition of Something Wicked. (Note: This story has now been reworked into a full series and will be pitched elsewhere - fingers crossed!)

24 February 2013

Keyhole Comics - Unlocked Anthology

Thanks to Randy Haldeman over at http://www.keyholecomicsstudio.com/ who very kindly thinks that Future Organic is good enough for one of their forthcoming publications.  The story, again with Darren's great artwork, will be in an anthology named 'Unlocked Anthology: Future Games' to be published later this year.

3 February 2013

Future Organic Delayed

Some slightly dissapointing news.  The Future Organic strip commissioned for FutureQuake has been set back a few months due to the March issue being delayed.

Although Darren did a fantastic job of meeting his deadline, it seems others did not.

Not to worry, here's some of Darren's fantastic work from the upcoming story...