13 May 2013

Bristol Comics Expo 2013

A big thank you to all the people that gave me valuable advice at BCE.  It was great for both Darren (my artist on Colt-45) and myself to gain an insight into the world of Small Press Comics.

Special thanks to Disconnected Press and Jon Lock Comics for their time.

Incidentally, this was my seventh time to the Bristol Expo (the first being the inaugural expo in '99!) and it was the first time I've not managed to get any con sketches or attend any panels.  Too much talking me-thinks!

9 May 2013

Colt-45 Project Gaining Momentum

The script is getting it's final edit.
The Character Studies by Darren are complete.
The Flyer is printed and ready to go.
Facebook Page up and running... www.facebook.com/colt45thecomic
Next stop BCE to meet with Darren and spread the word.

Then the big Kickstarter Launch!