30 June 2013

FutureQuake #23

FQ#23 has a cover!  My first published comic work is nearly here...!

Check out the link....

FutureQuake Issue 23

29 June 2013

Goal Reached!

Thank you to everyone for helping reach the COLT-45 Kickstarter goal of £250.
What about a stretch goal of COLT£450?!
After these two days, I can actually believe it possible....!

28 June 2013

Day 2 of Kickstarter - 70% of Goal!

Fantastic News!  It's only Day 2 of the Kickstarter Project and we're at 70%!

Thank you to all who've pledged their support!

What about Stretch Goals...?!  Hmmmmm.......


27 June 2013

COLT-45 Has Launched!

OK, Big news.....

COLT-45 has launched on Kickstarter as of NOW!

It will be running for the next 30 days, so please feel free to take a look and hopefully pledge!

Here's the link......

15 June 2013

Kickstarter in 2 Weeks Time

Three script rejections in as many weeks - boo hiss!  What makes you stronger and all that...!

Anyway, in more exciting news, it's nearly July and that means...

COLT-45 launching on Kickstarter.  Check the Facebook link for details.