28 July 2013

COLT-45 Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Incredible as it may seem, COLT-45 finally finished its run on Kickstarter yesterday and has surpassed all expectations!

152% of the original goal was raised and not only that, we reached the second Stretch Goal!

A big thank you to all the project backers.

Now the hard work begins......

20 July 2013

Into The Final Week

Only one week to go on the COLT-45 Kickstarter Project and the good news is we've hit our first Stretch Goal!

Once again a MASSIVE thank you to all our backers!


16 July 2013

A Good Day All Round

Yesterday I was too busy to even finish my last post and so I'll continue today.

Not only did I get another story published on Paragraph Planet (see below) but I also got my issue of Futurequake #23 through the door, my first published work in the flesh!

Furthermore, I also received an email informing me that one of my flash fiction stories had been accepted by Flash Fiction World.  Here's a link to the story itself:-


There's a chance it might be selected for FFW's next Anthology published by Amazon.

Here's hoping!

7 July 2013

Submission Accepted!

Within the usual heap of rejection emails, a glimmer of positivity shines forth!

My 2 page comic script entitled 'Primitive Possibilities' has been accepted for the next volume of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel.'

Should be on sale sometime early next year (unless of course you've already travelled forward in time to get one.)

5 July 2013

End of Kickstarter Week #1

A big thank you to all my backers!  At present, COLT-45 has achieved 110% of it's initial goal.  Let's hit those Stretch Goals!

Spread the word.....


2 July 2013

Flash Fiction Published Online

I somehow managed to get a short story published on the great little website Paragraph Planet

Each story has to be exactly 75 words long including the title.

Here it is, enjoy...