28 August 2013

METAVERSE Anthology - Made the Cut!

After a few nail biting days, it's finally been announced that my script entitled 'Area 101' has made the cut for the upcoming mega comic anthology project that is METAVERSE.

But the best news is that Dan Cornwell has agreed to do the art duties for the story AND he may even have time to complete the story IN COLOUR!

Needless to say this is exciting news and considering the names of the other artists and writers involved in the project, I'm both extremely proud and excited to be a part of it.

Check out Dan's website and prepare to be impressed...


22 August 2013

Published in Trapeze Magazine

'Micro Fiction' or 'Twitter Fiction' is actually a lot harder than it seems.  How do you get a story, often of a speculative nature, into a maximum of 140 characters.  That's only about 30 words!

The answer is - with some difficulty.  After many rejected attempts, I've pleased to have finally managed to have one of my stories published on the great little website Trapeze Magazine.

Here's the link to my story, enjoy!....


4 August 2013

Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel

Today I got to see the line up of artists and writers for Volume 3 of the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel and it looks like it's going to be a real corker!

Not only that, but JT Pegg (the artist for my own 2 page story 'Primitive Possibilities') sent me his first rough drawings of the script.  I was amazed.  He's incredibly talented and I consider myself very lucky to be paired up with him.

The book itself will be published in about the springtime of next year.  Can't wait!