27 September 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen Anthology

Just finished lettering 'On Second Thoughts' for Water Closet Press's newest issue - it's Ladies and Gentlemen Anthology and it looks great!

The story features a cross over of their Victorian styled era, with the high-tec future world of COLT-45.  The comic will be available at Thought Bubble in November.  Buy it!

Here's a teaser of Darren's artwork...

25 September 2013

METAVERSE Teaser Image

Here's a quick 'teaser' image from the ultra talented Dan Cornwell.  It's from 'Area 101', a story written by my good self that's destined for the METAVERSE Anthology.

This is as much as I've seen so far and I'm like an excited child at Christmas!

21 September 2013

TXTLIT - August Competition Runner Up!

One of my micro fiction stories was shortlisted for the August TxtLit competition and I ended up as a 'Runner Up.'

I consider this encouraging news, as it's the first writing competition I've ever entered!

Here's the link to the txtlit competition results:-


And here's the story in full:-

As I fall into the endless gloom of the black hole, I stare in disbelief at the safety clip in my hands. Thirty years of NASA training. One silly mistake.

By Chris Redfern

16 September 2013

50 Word Story - The Scout

Another publishing success!  Fifty Word Stories is a website that publishes stories with, yes you've guessed it, exactly 50 words.  It's my first time on their website and with one of my favourite little tales too.  Happy face.

Here's the link:-


and here's the story itself:-

The scout was young, only fourteen, and he was one of the best.
Countless times he’d saved his people from both ambush and defeat, but when the arrow took him, their fate, like his own, was sealed.
The enemy scout lowered his bow. He was young, only thirteen, but better.

8 September 2013

COLT-45 Update

Darren's doing a truly great job with the artwork on COLT-45.  As I've now started work on lettering the first few pages, it really seems like we're making progress at last!

Here's a 'teaser' showing the very first panel of the comic...

5 September 2013

Trapeze Magazine Success

Another of my 'Mico Fiction' stories has been published today in Trapeze Magazine.

It's one of my favourites and so here it is:-

Here's the link to my page on the Trapeze Magazine website:-


4 September 2013

Psychedelic Journal Blog

A very nice piece from Owen Watts over on his website for The Psychedelic Journal which gives a 'teaser' of my story 'Primitive Possibilities' with art by JT Pegg.

Link to the story:-


and here's the 'teaser' art:-

1 September 2013

Competition Winner!

Those fine people over at Disconnected Press ran a competition to produce a 'tongue-in-cheek' quote for the rear cover of their forthcoming comic 'Sentient Zombie Space Pigs.'

Guess who was one of the winners?!

Yup, yours truly...