18 December 2013

Nanoism - At Last!

After quite a few times of trying, I've finally had one of my micro fiction stories (maximum 140 characters in length) published on Nanoism

Nanoism is somewhat of a difficult place to get a story accepted, as they only publish one story a week and it's commissioned (paid) work.  Added to that, the genre is not of my more usual 'speculative' type!

The story can be found here:-


13 December 2013

'Area 101' Ready For Metaverse

When I first saw Dan Cornwell's art for my story 'Area 101', it left me speechless.

Now that's really saying something.

Never mind each incredibly detailed panel, the individuality of characters and breathtaking backgrounds... Dan's colouring is simple outstanding.  Seriously, I spend ages just zooming in and around each panel to marvel at his work.  You have been warned!

The 5 page story is now fully lettered and awaiting it's place in the METAVERSE Anthology which will hopefully be launched next Springtime.

Meanwhile, here's a quick teaser...

4 December 2013

Pure Slush Birthday Stories

A short story I sent for the Pure Slush 3rd Birthday competition.

Each enrty must only be 3 lines long and contain the word 'pure' or 'slush.'

It can be found here:-