5 January 2014

2013 - A Summary of Some Success


The year that I finally decided to do something with my assortment of rough stories, ideas and half written comic scripts.

It saw my first ever published story (back in June) and since then I've gone on to successfully publish:-

- 11 Flash Fiction stories.

- 5 Micro Fiction stories.

- 2 Comic scripts.

(See 'Published Work' for the full details.)

However, I won't bore you with the exact number of rejection letters and emails that I've had (needless to say it was a lot - my Submittable account is a wall of red!) but for my first year of trying, I'm pretty chuffed to say the least.

2014 holds more adventures for me, as it sees stories appearing in The METAVERSE Anthology, The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, Futurequake and maybe even the publication of my first Creator Owned comic COLT-45.

I've also just started to write my first 'book', which will give the expanded story of COLT-45.

However, the project I'm most excited about is 'Next of Kin.'  This is an ongoing comic book series under development with VS Comics and featuring the incredibly talented Dan Cornwell.

Can 2014 live up to 2013?

I for one certainly hope so.

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