25 February 2014

First METAVERSE Review

Terry Cooper, one of the editors of the METAVERSE Anthology, has been reviewing each of the stories within the book on a daily basis until its launch on 1st March 2014.

Today it was our turn!  Here's what he (very kindly) had to say about myself and Dan:-


13 February 2014

Thick Jam Publication

Thick Jam is an online fiction magazine to which I've been submitting stories for a while now, but with little success.  They have incredibly high standards (which is a good thing) and only publish one piece per week.

So guess what?  Success!

Although the magazine's editor did admit he doesn't normally publish stories this short, he did say that he liked it enough to make an exception in this case.  There's a confidence boost for my work!

The story itself is called 'The Meeting' and can be found here:-


11 February 2014

Atomic Control Character Studies

As revealed last month (here) - my artist on an upcoming story for 100% Biodegradable is the very talented Hardy Lynch.  A total newcomer to the world of small press comics (as opposed to myself who's just a newcomer!) this was always going to be both a really good learning experience as well as a fun project.

When he sent me some character studies he'd done in preparation for starting the artwork, I was really, really impressed.  Hardy has an almost 'cartoony' style, very reminiscent of anime or manga and one which will work brilliantly with this particular story.

What was that?  You want a look too?

Well...okay then, but just a quick peak...


4 February 2014

Metaverse is Coming!

The editors of the METAVERSE Anthology, Terry Cooper and Simon Wilson, are both currently hard at work putting the finishing touches to what will undoubtedly be a fantastic comic book.

With 17 individual stories ranging in length, genre and artistic style, the anthology has brought together some of the biggest names in comics, as well as newcomers like myself.

My particular story is 'Area 101' and it's been drawn, inked and coloured to perfection by the uber talented Mr Dan Cornwell himself.

Metaverse is launching at the Cardiff Film & Comic Con on March 1st.

Hot off the press then, here's the promotional banner:-