13 March 2014

General News Round Up

Firstly, this Saturday sees the launch of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel Volume 3!  Exciting times, as it contains a story by myself and the 2000AD artist JTPegg called 'Primative Possibilities.

Secondly, those kindly people at 'Psychedelic HQ' have also just accepted another of my scripts, this one entitled 'Timepoint.'  As yet there's no allocated artist, but as soon as that happens I'll be the first to let you know.  The story itself is due for publication in Issue 5, which will be about this time next year.

Thirdly, another one page script has been accepted over at Uproar Comics.  It's my very first zombie story and I'll update when it has been fully commissioned.

Fourthly, a short story of mine named 'Coff-E' has been chosen to appear in the new Kind of A Hurricane Press Anthology, this book being themed around the word 'Coffee.'  It's due out in print towards the end of the month and so more news to follow then.

Lastly, two of my short stories that were both 'Runner Up' and 'Honourable Mention' for the September 2013 competition at Darker Times, are due to be published in print very soon in a collective anthology called Darker Times Collection Volume 2.  More details soon!

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