14 April 2014

Hallowscream Success

When I was younger, the only comic that I had on weekly subscription was The Eagle.  In 1984 (yes, I am that old) the Eagle picked up another title, incorporating it to become Eagle and Scream.

Scream had survived for 15 issues on its own before being cancelled and even joining with Eagle only prolonged its life slightly.  The final issue of Eagle and Scream was to be in March 1985.
However, Scream now lives on!  Albeit in a slightly different name and form. Brought to you by the team of dedicated horror specialists at Back From The Depths , they now produce the annual horror anthology called Hallowscream.
All 5 issues can be downloaded for FREE by clicking the picture below:-
Anyway, the point of all this is, that after (last count 3!) failed attempts to get a story accepted, I've finally managed to write a script good enough for Mr McNasty himself to approve.
No artist attached as yet, but I'll keep you posted!

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