23 May 2014

'Next of Kin' is Go!

After the success of our Metaverse story 'Area 101', both Dan Cornwell and myself now move on to our biggest challenge to date... Next of Kin.

Without giving too much away at this early stage, the story revolves around several young adults who find themselves thrown into the middle of an ongoing struggle between demonic creatures and those that hunt them.

The story has been picked up by VS Comics and Dan now has the artwork well under way.  He intends to complete all of the pencils, inking and colouring himself, which is no small task, but if the very first panel of the first page is anything to go by, this comic is going to be truly, truly amazing.

19 May 2014

Stage Fright on Postcard Shorts

Postcard Shorts is an excellent little website that I stumbled upon only recently. The idea behind it is that any story must be able to fit onto a postcard, i.e. be only about 250 words in length.

After being reviewed by a panel, the best stories are then published.

Here's the link to mine, which is titled 'Stage Fright.'


After being told it had been accepted, I received this rather excellent tweet!

18 May 2014

Futurequake - Call of Duty

So, there was this 3 page script that I sent to Futurequake in July 2012....

Guess what?  The artist has just finished it!

I believe that this is his first (to be) published comic artwork, but to be honest, I don't know for sure because he never responded to any of my emails in the last couple of years!

Dave Evans, Editor Extraordinaire of FQP, has kindly given me permission to show this teaser image from the story 'Call of Duty.'

14 May 2014

Storm Cycle Published

'Snipers In The Sun,' is a story I wrote in November of last year that was published on the website A Pound of Flash.  That website and others form part of Kind Of A Hurricane Press who have just released their annual 'Best Of' anthology Storm Cycle.

Storm Cycle can be downloaded as an ebook here:-


or purchased as a 480 page paperback from Amazon here:-