29 June 2014

Blast Into The Past - The Doctor

Another sneak peek!

Here's another one of the main characters from 'Blast Into The Past' - a story that has been chosen for the British Showcase Anthology.  Once again Trystan's ability to create a real 'character' out of one my very rough descriptions is a sigh to behold!

'The Doctor'

27 June 2014


A bit of a dream come true this one....

Those super chaps over at FutureQuake Press have accepted one of my latest scripts and after a bit of 'friendly persuasion' (begging) I've managed to get Jake Lynch on board too!


A story about Chopper, drawn by a 2000AD artist and appearing in Zarjaz.

Nope, doesn't get much better than that!

26 June 2014

Blast Into The Past - The Pilot

As the title suggests, the first crew member of 'Blast Into The Past' has arrived!

Here's what Trystan rather modestly calls a 'warm up sketch' of one of the main characters...

'The Pilot'

I know, I know.... absolutely incredible or WHAT!??

Now I'm not going to give the game away, but there's a good reason why both of the characters are called The Pilot, look the same and dress the same.  You might even say that they're related...!

Trystan, I doff my hat to you already Sir...!

24 June 2014

British Showcase Anthology

I recently submitted a comic script to the British Showcase Anthology.  For those unfamiliar, this Anthology is a graphic novel published by Markosia intended to highlight an array of either upcoming or established British talent.

Imagine my surprise when the story was accepted!

Then came the hard part.  How do I tell Trystan Mitchell that I'd volunteered him to do the artwork!  The truth was that I wrote the story with him in mind, but I really didn't think it would have any real chance of getting through the submission process.

To his eternal credit (& helped no doubt by a certain strange 'Boltonian Karma') Trystan agreed to the project, despite having to fit it into a limited timescale between all of his other paid work!  Thanks Trys!

The story's called 'Blast Into The Past' and involves a spaceship crew who get themselves caught up in a time-twisting wormhole, with surprising results!

More details to come in October, when all the other writers and artist will be announced.

18 June 2014

Zombies Hi #9

Uproar Comic's flagship title 'Zombies Hi' is back!

Issue #9 is available for pre order now and has 32 pages of fully coloured zombie filled goodness.  It also includes a short story by myself named 'Endless Love,' which is wonderfully drawn by Davy Francis who lends his distinctive 'cartoony' style to really bring the story to life (*groan*!)

Here's a quick teaser for my story 'Endless Love':-

and here's some of the stunning interior artwork:-

Uproar Comics:-
Preorder issue #9:-

17 June 2014

FutureQuake #25 Cover(s)

Due to some unforeseen publishing issues, FutureQuake #25 will now be available with two different covers, (story here).

Released in early July, it contains a story of mine named 'Call of Duty.'

So now you have to buy it.  Twice.