30 July 2014

Exciting New Project- The Shit Flingers!

When I first heard about The Shit Flingers Anthology, I was understandably intrigued.  The name enough was incentive to find out more, but when I'd read the whole of the incredibly detailed back-story, I suddenly found myself NEEDING to be a part of it!

The story premise is based around a group of 15th Century French soldiers who, as a result of a curse, are transformed into a variety ageless monkeys.  Their former personalities are now locked into differing monkeys, apes and even an orang-utan!  Forming a team to fight evil, they work on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church against various enemies including their former leader Courtard.

All in all, who'd not want to be a part of that!

So after several rejected ideas, I eventually came up with one that worked for The Flingers joint creator, editor and main writer Jimmy Furlong,   So next onto creating the script itself... which took a lot longer to write than expected, but thankfully Jimmy also liked it and I was officially part of the team.

Now I'd secretly hoped that Dan Cornwell would be interested in the project too if I asked (okay, begged) him to draw the script.  I knew he was busy with our ongoing comic Next of Kin, but as it's publisher VS Comics had recently folded, I decided that it might be worth keeping NoK on 'slow burn' whilst working on something more immediate.  Thankfully he didn't take much persuasion and 'Team Redfern/Cornwell' were back in business!

What's to become of Next of Kin I hear you cry?  Well, as I say it's still an ongoing project and once we've got most of the story drawn, lettered and it's ready for print, then I'll be pitching it too various publishers or (deep breath) I might even run another Kickstarter to ensure that it sees print.  After the problems of my first COLT-45 Kickstarter, this time I fully intend to have the artwork finished before I even start with the crowd funding!

So, more info on the Flingers as it comes, but you can keep up to date with any of the links below.

Facebook Page:- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shit-Flingers/327143877433397?fref=ts
Twitter Page:- https://twitter.com/ShitFlingers
Tumblr Page:- http://shitflingers.tumblr.com/

29 July 2014

Area 101 - Page One Magnificence!

Here's a look at Page One of 'Area 101'.  This is a story I did with Dan Cornwell for the Metaverse Anthology.

Think of this as a teaser for a NEW and MASSIVELY EXCITING project we're about to embark on!

More details to follow soon....!

11 July 2014

Blast Into The Past - The Scientist

Another superb character study from Trystan for our ongoing project - 'Blast Into The Past'

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

'The Scientist'

8 July 2014

FutureQuake #25 - DTT Review

A great review of FutureQuake #25 from the legend that is John Freeman.

He even said that my story 'Call of Duty' was one 'of particular note' - high praise indeed!

The review itself is on Down The Tubes and can be found here:-


and FutureQuake #25 can be bought here:-


3 July 2014

Blast Into The Past - The Sergeant

The third crew member from 'Blast Into The Past' has arrived!

Now some of you might have noticed similarities between previous characters and their youthful companions.  Not so much here though.... hmmmm.  I wonder why....?!

Trystan's next totally awesome character is....

'The Sergeant'

2 July 2014

Uproar Comics Zombies Hi #9

Out now from Uproar Comics is their latest issue of Zombies Hi.

Zombies Hi #9 is packed full of explosive storytelling and stunning artwork and as an added bonus, it also features a short story from myself and artist Davey Francis called 'Endless Love.'

You can get hold of a digital copy here:-


and the print version here:-


Get your dead on.......!

1 July 2014

FutureQuake #25 - Out Now!

The juggernaut of the British Small Press that is FutureQuake Press has just released its latest edition...

Featuring myself and a whole load of fantastic creators:-

  • Call of Duty (writer) Chris Redfern & (artist) David Clifford
  • Consumer Channel X(writer) Lawrence Rider & (artist) Patrick Brown
  • I Don't Like Monday Quests (writer) David Griffiths & (artist) Jim Lavery
  • Junk Box (writer) Jimmy Furlong & (artist) Brian 'Clank' Bennett
  • Out of the Closet (writer) Dave Roberts & (artist) Danos Philopoulos
  • Packaged Holiday (writer) Andi Ewington & (artist) Conor Boyle
  • Pleiatoc Monaidies(writer) Tom Davies & (artist) Leonardo Vergari
  • Synched (writer) Mo Ali & (artist) Indio
  • The Final Terminal(writer) Arran Frood & (artist) Steven Austin
  • The Idiot Box (writer) Jonathan Stevenson & (artist) Stephen Prestwood
  • The Travelling Salesman(writer) Tim West & (artist) Matthew Harrower
  • The Grimaldi (writer) JJ Robinson & (artist) Alex Paterson

You can check out the teasers from each story here and buy it NOW from here

Also available, is the equally fantastical Zarjaz #21 from here