1 July 2014

FutureQuake #25 - Out Now!

The juggernaut of the British Small Press that is FutureQuake Press has just released its latest edition...

Featuring myself and a whole load of fantastic creators:-

  • Call of Duty (writer) Chris Redfern & (artist) David Clifford
  • Consumer Channel X(writer) Lawrence Rider & (artist) Patrick Brown
  • I Don't Like Monday Quests (writer) David Griffiths & (artist) Jim Lavery
  • Junk Box (writer) Jimmy Furlong & (artist) Brian 'Clank' Bennett
  • Out of the Closet (writer) Dave Roberts & (artist) Danos Philopoulos
  • Packaged Holiday (writer) Andi Ewington & (artist) Conor Boyle
  • Pleiatoc Monaidies(writer) Tom Davies & (artist) Leonardo Vergari
  • Synched (writer) Mo Ali & (artist) Indio
  • The Final Terminal(writer) Arran Frood & (artist) Steven Austin
  • The Idiot Box (writer) Jonathan Stevenson & (artist) Stephen Prestwood
  • The Travelling Salesman(writer) Tim West & (artist) Matthew Harrower
  • The Grimaldi (writer) JJ Robinson & (artist) Alex Paterson

You can check out the teasers from each story here and buy it NOW from here

Also available, is the equally fantastical Zarjaz #21 from here

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