13 August 2014

Zarjaz Script - Chopper: Different Strokes

Dave Evans of Futurequake once told me that a good way to get into Zarjaz was to write something 'different'... i.e. "not Dredd"!

Chopper has always been one of my long time favorite 2000AD characters and so with Dave's words still ringing in my ears, I set about trying my hand at a Chopper story.

Fast forward a few weeks and not only was the script accepted, but I'd managed to talk 'Art Droid Extraordinaire' Jake Lynch into having a look at it.  It turned out he liked it enough to offer his services, which for a pro artist, I was eternally grateful to him for.  After he'd roped Pye-01 into doing the titles, I rather felt like I'd been working for Mr Tharg himself!

The story itself won't be out until early next year, but to be going on with, here's a little teaser...