22 September 2014

Hallowscream - It's A Dirty Job

I've just seen the pages by artist extraordinaire Paul McCallan for our upcoming story that'll be appearing in the 2014 edition of Hallowscream...

...and they're fantastic!

The FREE digital comic comes out in October, so watch this space for more details...!

Meanwhile, here's a quick teaser....

8 September 2014

Flingers Pinup by Dan Cornwell

Dan Cornwell's been practising his 'Monkey Drawing' skills before he starts work on our story 'Nemesis Rising' for The Shit Flingers project.

Feast your eyes on this...!

2 September 2014

Zarjaz Cover by PJ Holden!

It's finally been revealed that Art Droid Supreme PJ Holden is doing the artwork for my cover story in Zarjaz.

I couldn't have asked for more!

That's the cover by PJ, artwork by Jake Lynch and the titles by PYE-01

That's THREE OF 2000AD's ART DROIDS working on my story!

Dream come true!

Here's his rough for the cover so far...

1 September 2014

Chopper Script Moved Forward

As mentioned here, my script 'Chopper: Different Strokes' was originally slated for Zarjaz #23 coming in March 2015...

Drumroll please...

It's now the COVER STORY for Zarjaz #22 launching in November!  BOOM!

So who's the Cover Artist?  Stay tuned, hopefully all will be revealed soon...!