24 December 2015

Friday Flash Fiction

Despite the name, Friday Flash Fiction actually posts fiction most days and I've been lucky enough to have a short piece accepted.

It's called 'Arise Ovis Aries' and you can read it here:


Happy Christmas!

6 December 2015

Atomic Control

Here's a teaser panel of Edward Whatley's superb artwork for Atomic Control.

I've seen the pencils for Page 6 and they're absolutely mind blowing.

100% Biodegradable is in for a treat!

21 November 2015

Timepoint Released!

Issue Six of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel has finally been released and within its rather glorious pages is a story of mine called Timepoint. Trystan Mitchell has once again been responsible for its incredible artwork,  bringing the characters to life in the space of only a few short pages.

Debuting at Thought Bubble, the comic can now be ordered online through Comicsy. Click on the image below to order your own copy!

11 November 2015

COLT-45 Now Available in Paperback

After the successful launch of COLT-45 through Kindle, I've decided the time is right (well, it is approaching Christmas after all) to release the book as a paperback too.

Click on the picture below to order your own copy!

9 November 2015

Location, Location, Location

Here's another sneak peak from artist extraordinaire Edward Whatley's ongoing work on our story 'Atomic Control' for the magnificent 100% Biodegradable.

Can you guess where it's set...!?

6 November 2015

Sliced Quarterly Website

Ken Reynolds, mastermind behind the new comic anthology Slice Quarterly, has recently gone live on its new website.

My story, 'All Along The Watchtower', with artist Dave Snell will be published in its first edition.

Click below for more details of the publication itself:-

and here for the news release and preview of AATW.

1 November 2015

British Showcase Anthology Volume 2

On, off, on, off....

The history of the BSA #2 has been slightly sporadic to say the least. About two years ago, I wrote a script with the aim being a part of it's hallowed pages. The story was called 'Blast Into The Past' and somewhat to my surprise, it was accepted for the publication. (This was way back in June 2014 - see here). Trystan Mitchell then went on to produce some fantastic artwork for it, but...

The project was unfortunately scrapped due to Adam Cheal (the BSA Editor's) workload. It was briefly reinstated by Markosia themselves earlier this year, but this too went by the wayside.

However, now for some good news! Adam has kindly agreed to get the project moving again and he's confirmed that BITP will be included!

Fingers crossed this time....!

12 October 2015

AATW Coloured Preview

I mentioned last month that Dave Snell was working on a script I'd written for Sliced Quarterly.

Well, he's just started the colouring and it's safe to say that he's managing to give 'All Along The Watchtower' that perfect Hendrix trippy vibe!

11 October 2015

Biomekazoik Blog

Dave Hailwood, Editor-in Chief of 100% Biodegradable, has very kindly given COLT-45 a mention on his blog.

His article features myself and other creators who are connected with 100% and who also all have separate work out at present. Please click on the link below to check them all out!


The link to a similar post on Facebook post is here:


4 October 2015

27 September 2015

Next of Kin Reborn!

Next of Kin has had a difficult development, but the good news is...

It finally looks like becoming a reality!

Originally a 5 pager accepted by Futurequake, it then became a 10 page story for VS Comics (closed) and then finally a possible ongoing series for Ellipsium.

So, what's new?

Enter Pete Woods! An incredibly talented artist with enough enthusiasm to make me go and re-write the whole thing from scratch! Part one (of a possible five) now stands at nearly 30 pages and with Pete's stunning Character Designs (see below), we hope to pitch the project to several (already interested) parties.

Feast your eyes on this little lot...

26 September 2015

AATW Sneak Peak

As reported here, Dave Snell has agreed to lend his characteristic artistry skills to my script 'All Along The Watchtower.'

If his initial pencils are anything to go by, readers of Sliced Quarterly are in for a treat!

23 September 2015

Kate Policani Blog

Kate Policani has very kindly given 'COLT-45' a mention on her Blog.

If anyone needs a skilled and detailed Beta Reader, might I suggest going straight to her!

The mention can be found here:-


19 September 2015

COLT-45 Now Available on Amazon

Whoop! - My first book has just been published!

Well, technically it's been self published, but all the same I'm chuffed to bits.

Trystan Mitchell was kind enough to produce this stunning cover for me and you can get your hands on a copy by clicking either the picture link to the right or below.

Hurry now, for on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st September it's completely FREE!

18 September 2015

Sliced Quarterly Anthology

More good news on the comic writing front. A three page script called 'All Along The Watchtower' has been accepted by a new and exciting comic anthology 'Sliced Quarterly'.

The anthology is the brainchild of Ken Reynolds and aims to bring a slightly new twist to the UK small press anthology market.

At this time of writing, the art duties have been offered to Dave Snell who will certainly do the story justice.

Wait... the script's called All Along The Watchtower? But isn't that....

Yup :)

23 August 2015

Full Page by Edward Whatley

In my opinion, Edward Whatley has done amazing work on our story 'Atomic Control' due to be published next year in the fantastic anthology comic, 100% Biodegradable.

Although he's decided the page below is now only a 'test' page and not the finished version, I think you'll all agree that his talent is without question.

20 August 2015

Good News / Bad News

Let's start with the bad news... well, maybe not bad news as such, just a good dose of reality. My new job has seriously curtailed any time I'd had previously to think / script / write and edit my stories. Although I still get a great deal of enjoyment from writing, I've come to realise that the days of knocking out comic scripts and short stories in but a few short days are behind me. I'm still writing, it's just nowadays it takes rather longer to see any results!

So now for the good news. After several rejections and six months of 'negative returns' (okay, so that's not the good news), I've decided to go down the road of self publishing my novella - COLT-45. If I'm honest, I'd rather thought this might be the case... for JK Rowling I am not! It'll be exciting to finally see it in ebook form and finally put to bed a project started almost 3 years ago!

I've enlisted the help of an extremely talented and professional artist, one who I know will knock the socks of the front cover. Who is it? Well, for now, you'll just have to wait and see....!

29 June 2015

Opening Panel for Atomic Control

How's this for mind-blowing...

 ...and that's only the first panel of the first page!

Simply awesome work by Edward Whatley for our story 'Atomic Control'.

18 June 2015

Mr Moonie in 2000AD

"One of my characters recently appeared in 2000AD."

Now there's something you can't say very often as a hobby writer!

My friend and the super talented artist Jake Lynch let me into a secret a short while back, he'd sneaked the lead character from a story we did together into his recent artwork for 2000AD.

Mr Moonie appeared in our story 'Different Strokes' and was published in issue #22 of the awesome 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz.

Here he is...

and here he is in Prog #1929 of 2000AD...

Dave Evans from Zarjaz publishers FutureQuake Press also ran the story here.

A big thanks to Jake for making this happen... just because he could!

16 June 2015

Timepoint - Ready and Waiting

Debuting at Thought Bubble in November, the latest issue of the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel will have within its glorious pages another fine example from the 'Boltonian Brotherhood of Fantastic Fable-Telling Fellows'

That's myself and Trystan  to most people!

My simple story 'Timepoint' has been wonderfully brought to life by Trystan, who's creation of believable characters in only two pages is a real credit to his skill and ability.

Here's a sneak peak of exactly what 'Fantastic Fable-Telling' you can expect to see...

6 June 2015

Atomic Control Reborn

Just when I'd given up all hope of ever seeing 'Atomic Control' make the press, along comes Edward Whatley to the rescue!

Refreshed after completing his latest issue of Dober-Man, Edwards was ready for a new challenge and thankfully liking my script, he's decided to take the plunge.

The story itself will be published, probably next year, in the awesomely fabulous 100% Biodegradable.

Edward recently sent me one of his 'rough sketches' and yet again, I'm gobsmacked.

See what I mean...!

26 April 2015

The Calm Before The Storm

Whilst it might seem all a bit quiet at the 'Redfern Writing Residence', things are very definitely afoot!

Here's a quick update:

Blast Into The Past - With the sad failure of British Showcase #2, I've found a nice little home for Trystan's incredible artwork. Watch this space...

Desperate Measures - The deadline approaches and Edward Whatley already has the story in the bag. Now we await publication from GrayHaven Comics

Timepoint - I've seen Trystan's roughs, you lot are in for a treat ;)

One Hell of A Night Johnny is off and running on this 'horrific' script for Something Wicked.

Clay - A fantastic little idea from the Boltonian Project Division. Work has begun on this future game-changer!

Area 101 - Another project that sadly went wrong by Metaverse... is now born again! Mine and Dan's story will be given new life in the prestigious 100% Biodegradable.

Atmosfear - A rather specialist submission. More information coming soon!

Atomic Control - The artist involved is poised like a cobra to tackle this one, I hope!

Nemesis Rising - Dan's got his hands full at present, but this is next on his 'to-do' list.

COLT-45 - Submissions aaawwwwaaaayyyyyyyy......!

and finally....

Next of Kin - Saved this one until last. Very exciting times ahead and I'm hoping to reveal a new creative team very soon!

20 March 2015

Scream Magazine #29

A few months ago Paul McCallan was contacted by the editors of Scream Magazine to see if we'd be interested in one of our stories being published in issue #29 their magazine. Our reply...

Yes please!

Scream is the No.1 selling UK horror magazine and to be asked to have our work published in it is a real honour.

The magazine came out this week and I received my contributors copy today. Paul's artwork looks fantastic in print, especially when shown as a large, two page magazine-sized spread.

Here's the issue we make an appearance in (click to buy):-

And here's a teaser from our story:-

5 March 2015

Desperate Measures - Complete!

A huge thank you to Edward Whatley for completing 'Desperate Measures' to such an incredible standard.

The panel below comes from the story and summaries how I feel having seen his completed work!

More details about the Sci-Fi Anthology by GrayHaven Comics that will contain 'Desperate Measures' to follow soon.

3 March 2015

Blast Into The Past - Complete!

Trystan Mitchell has outdone himself with five fantastic looking and fully coloured pages for my script 'Blast Into The Past.'

The story won't now be published in the Anthology for which it was intended, a big let down for all involved, but rest assured when it does see the light of day, everyone's in for a treat! The artwork is simply stunning and Trys has done an amazing job of bringing together a story with so many individual characters.

His decision to colour the artwork with a more 'retro' feel really adds to the impact and with a rather full script, he's done a wonderful job of lettering it too.

Overall it's a fantastic achievement and I'm very grateful to him for all his time and effort.

Here's a brief teaser of what's to come...!

15 February 2015

Desperate Measures Panels

How about some more panels from 'Desperate Measures'?

Awesome work yet again by Edward Whatley

Coming to GrayHaven Comics later this year,

21 January 2015

Teaser Panel From Desperate Measures

Coming to GrayHaven Comics later this year, Edward Whatley has been working hard on our story 'Desperate Measures.'

The great thing is, he often sends me his 'roughs' to look at. I personally love seeing how an artist builds the page from roughs, to pencils and then to inks. You can see firsthand how an idea that starts in your own head, evolves into something new (and often better!) once an artist starts bringing his own vision to bear.

Anyway, here's a sneak peak an one of Edwards awesome panels:-

5 January 2015

100% Biodegradable #7 Review

A fantastic review of 100% Biodegradable issues 6 and 7 by those clever chaps over at A Place To Hang Your Cape (AP2HYC)

It's the nicest review I've had, which is always a bit of an ego boost! Here's an extract about my story 'Happier Times' with art by Jake Lynch.

I was particularly impressed by Happier Times from Chris Redfern (Futurequake, Zarjaz, Hallowscream) and J.T. Pegg (2000ad, Judge Dredd Megazine, Psychedelic Journal Of Time Travel). The artwork is dynamic and packed with vivid moments of action, hope and despair, in a tale that has a very fine, bittersweet twist.

Click the picture below to read the full review:-

1 January 2015

2014 in Review - Writing and Re-writing

At the end of 2013, I wrote a post (here) which concluded with me asking if 2014 would be another successful a year for me as a writer.

Thankfully, the answer to that turned out to be yes!

Overall, I've had less published in the way of quantity, but more in the way of quality and there's a good reason for that.  If 2013 was about me finding my feet with flash fiction, short stories and comic scripts, then 2014 was the year I learnt about the 'joy' of editing, Beta readers and re-writes.

Firstly then, a few stats.  In 2014 I had a total of 6 short stories published, mostly in print form as well as 3 nano fiction tales.  Click Published Work for more details.

Comics wise, 'Area 101' with Dan Cornwell came out in the fantastic, but poorly marketed METAVERSE anthology.  I achieved a personal ambition by getting the cover story for Zarjaz #22 with my story 'Chopper: Different Strokes' aided by Art Droid himself, Jake Lynch.  Stories in Hallowscream and Zombies Hi helped me achieve another couple of goals, that of finally getting into Hallowscream and my first Zombie script respectively.

One point to note is that most of these stories were actually written in 2013 and, as ever with small press publishing, it takes a long, long time to finally see your story in print (which is why 2014 turned out to be a good year for seeing my comics published.)

So, what exactly was I doing in 2014?

Well, firstly I completed a couple of big projects for release next year ('Blast From The Past' in the British Showcase Anthology with Trystan Mitchell and 'Desperate Measures' in GrayHaven Comics with Edward Whatley to name but a few.)  But most of my time was spent re-writing my novella. Yes, you read it right... re-writing.

COLT-45 was originally a comic script. When that project failed, I decided to resurrect it as a novella. The book itself didn't take me that long to write, as I just expanded the comic script slightly. (Hindsight Corner - Wrong thing to do!) After sending this first effort to a couple of publishers, the advice was generally along the liners of 'reads like a first draft', 'doesn't work' and 'needs to be Beta read.'  So, rather brought down to earth, I decided they knew better than me and sent the book away to be Beta read using several different sources.  The results of that were just as hard hitting (if not more so) and I realised that my story needed a complete re-write.  The basic problem was, I'd written COLT-45 in the same way as I'd written the original comic book script. It was short, sharp and far too condensed. What might work as a comic never had a hope of working as fiction prose.  In short, I had to change the structure, develop the characters and improve the dialogue.... all of which took about 10 months of solid work! That done and it was ready to be copy-edited. My copy editor will be revealed once the book is complete, but she did a fantastic job of making the story more readable as well as highlighting several more areas that needed further expansion and improvement. So, the end is in sight, albeit with a few more months of work ahead of me. I'm hoping to have the final copy/proof read story in my hand by Easter. After that, well, maybe I'll start looking into self publishing and all that that entails!

And so, into 2015 we go, with hopefully more writing adventures to come!