20 March 2015

Scream Magazine #29

A few months ago Paul McCallan was contacted by the editors of Scream Magazine to see if we'd be interested in one of our stories being published in issue #29 their magazine. Our reply...

Yes please!

Scream is the No.1 selling UK horror magazine and to be asked to have our work published in it is a real honour.

The magazine came out this week and I received my contributors copy today. Paul's artwork looks fantastic in print, especially when shown as a large, two page magazine-sized spread.

Here's the issue we make an appearance in (click to buy):-

And here's a teaser from our story:-

5 March 2015

Desperate Measures - Complete!

A huge thank you to Edward Whatley for completing 'Desperate Measures' to such an incredible standard.

The panel below comes from the story and summaries how I feel having seen his completed work!

More details about the Sci-Fi Anthology by GrayHaven Comics that will contain 'Desperate Measures' to follow soon.

3 March 2015

Blast Into The Past - Complete!

Trystan Mitchell has outdone himself with five fantastic looking and fully coloured pages for my script 'Blast Into The Past.'

The story won't now be published in the Anthology for which it was intended, a big let down for all involved, but rest assured when it does see the light of day, everyone's in for a treat! The artwork is simply stunning and Trys has done an amazing job of bringing together a story with so many individual characters.

His decision to colour the artwork with a more 'retro' feel really adds to the impact and with a rather full script, he's done a wonderful job of lettering it too.

Overall it's a fantastic achievement and I'm very grateful to him for all his time and effort.

Here's a brief teaser of what's to come...!