26 April 2015

The Calm Before The Storm

Whilst it might seem all a bit quiet at the 'Redfern Writing Residence', things are very definitely afoot!

Here's a quick update:

Blast Into The Past - With the sad failure of British Showcase #2, I've found a nice little home for Trystan's incredible artwork. Watch this space...

Desperate Measures - The deadline approaches and Edward Whatley already has the story in the bag. Now we await publication from GrayHaven Comics

Timepoint - I've seen Trystan's roughs, you lot are in for a treat ;)

One Hell of A Night Johnny is off and running on this 'horrific' script for Something Wicked.

Clay - A fantastic little idea from the Boltonian Project Division. Work has begun on this future game-changer!

Area 101 - Another project that sadly went wrong by Metaverse... is now born again! Mine and Dan's story will be given new life in the prestigious 100% Biodegradable.

Atmosfear - A rather specialist submission. More information coming soon!

Atomic Control - The artist involved is poised like a cobra to tackle this one, I hope!

Nemesis Rising - Dan's got his hands full at present, but this is next on his 'to-do' list.

COLT-45 - Submissions aaawwwwaaaayyyyyyyy......!

and finally....

Next of Kin - Saved this one until last. Very exciting times ahead and I'm hoping to reveal a new creative team very soon!