29 June 2015

Opening Panel for Atomic Control

How's this for mind-blowing...

 ...and that's only the first panel of the first page!

Simply awesome work by Edward Whatley for our story 'Atomic Control'.

18 June 2015

Mr Moonie in 2000AD

"One of my characters recently appeared in 2000AD."

Now there's something you can't say very often as a hobby writer!

My friend and the super talented artist Jake Lynch let me into a secret a short while back, he'd sneaked the lead character from a story we did together into his recent artwork for 2000AD.

Mr Moonie appeared in our story 'Different Strokes' and was published in issue #22 of the awesome 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz.

Here he is...

and here he is in Prog #1929 of 2000AD...

Dave Evans from Zarjaz publishers FutureQuake Press also ran the story here.

A big thanks to Jake for making this happen... just because he could!

16 June 2015

Timepoint - Ready and Waiting

Debuting at Thought Bubble in November, the latest issue of the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel will have within its glorious pages another fine example from the 'Boltonian Brotherhood of Fantastic Fable-Telling Fellows'

That's myself and Trystan  to most people!

My simple story 'Timepoint' has been wonderfully brought to life by Trystan, who's creation of believable characters in only two pages is a real credit to his skill and ability.

Here's a sneak peak of exactly what 'Fantastic Fable-Telling' you can expect to see...

6 June 2015

Atomic Control Reborn

Just when I'd given up all hope of ever seeing 'Atomic Control' make the press, along comes Edward Whatley to the rescue!

Refreshed after completing his latest issue of Dober-Man, Edwards was ready for a new challenge and thankfully liking my script, he's decided to take the plunge.

The story itself will be published, probably next year, in the awesomely fabulous 100% Biodegradable.

Edward recently sent me one of his 'rough sketches' and yet again, I'm gobsmacked.

See what I mean...!