27 September 2015

Next of Kin Reborn!

Next of Kin has had a difficult development, but the good news is...

It finally looks like becoming a reality!

Originally a 5 pager accepted by Futurequake, it then became a 10 page story for VS Comics (closed) and then finally a possible ongoing series for Ellipsium.

So, what's new?

Enter Pete Woods! An incredibly talented artist with enough enthusiasm to make me go and re-write the whole thing from scratch! Part one (of a possible five) now stands at nearly 30 pages and with Pete's stunning Character Designs (see below), we hope to pitch the project to several (already interested) parties.

Feast your eyes on this little lot...

26 September 2015

AATW Sneak Peak

As reported here, Dave Snell has agreed to lend his characteristic artistry skills to my script 'All Along The Watchtower.'

If his initial pencils are anything to go by, readers of Sliced Quarterly are in for a treat!

23 September 2015

Kate Policani Blog

Kate Policani has very kindly given 'COLT-45' a mention on her Blog.

If anyone needs a skilled and detailed Beta Reader, might I suggest going straight to her!

The mention can be found here:-


19 September 2015

COLT-45 Now Available on Amazon

Whoop! - My first book has just been published!

Well, technically it's been self published, but all the same I'm chuffed to bits.

Trystan Mitchell was kind enough to produce this stunning cover for me and you can get your hands on a copy by clicking either the picture link to the right or below.

Hurry now, for on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st September it's completely FREE!

18 September 2015

Sliced Quarterly Anthology

More good news on the comic writing front. A three page script called 'All Along The Watchtower' has been accepted by a new and exciting comic anthology 'Sliced Quarterly'.

The anthology is the brainchild of Ken Reynolds and aims to bring a slightly new twist to the UK small press anthology market.

At this time of writing, the art duties have been offered to Dave Snell who will certainly do the story justice.

Wait... the script's called All Along The Watchtower? But isn't that....

Yup :)