1 November 2015

British Showcase Anthology Volume 2

On, off, on, off....

The history of the BSA #2 has been slightly sporadic to say the least. About two years ago, I wrote a script with the aim being a part of it's hallowed pages. The story was called 'Blast Into The Past' and somewhat to my surprise, it was accepted for the publication. (This was way back in June 2014 - see here). Trystan Mitchell then went on to produce some fantastic artwork for it, but...

The project was unfortunately scrapped due to Adam Cheal (the BSA Editor's) workload. It was briefly reinstated by Markosia themselves earlier this year, but this too went by the wayside.

However, now for some good news! Adam has kindly agreed to get the project moving again and he's confirmed that BITP will be included!

Fingers crossed this time....!

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