1 March 2016

100% Biodegradable #12

Dave Hailwood, the Editor of 100% Biodegradable has published a sneak peak on their Facebook page of my story that's due to appear in the upcoming issue 12 .

With artwork by the rising star himself, Dan Cornwell, the story is called 'Area 101' and was originally published a few years ago in the ill fated Metaverse Anthology.

Click here for the link to Facebook.

Interestingly, Dave's decided to have a rear cover for this issue and happily for me, it's based on 'Area 101'. Even more happliy, it's been done by Brett Burbridge.

Brett has done a simply stunning adaptation of one of the stories main characters, styling the cover on both Dan's work and his own. I think you'd agree, it's simply out of this world...

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