29 June 2016

Published! 100% Biodegradable #13

Well, here it is....

Look at that! What a cover!

It's been an honour to once again team up with the incredible Edward Whatley and provide the cover story 'Atomic Control' for this issue. Thanks also to Dave Hailwood, as ever, doing a sterling job of Editor-In-Chief of this magnificent comic and to the other creators inside #13 whose stories are truly worth your viewing/reading pleasure.

Want a copy?

Yours for only 69p! and available from here.

17 June 2016

Hallowscream 2016

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have a story published in Hallowscream and it now looks like this year's comic will have my name in the credits once again!

'Endless Love' was previously published by Uproar Comics several years ago (as blogged here), but with Uproar folding not long after the comic came out, it never really saw much exposure.

Thankfully, Mr Ghastly McNasty himself decided that both my story and Davy Francis's artwork were good enough to be a part of his popular Halloween styled comic.

Here's a teaser of what's to come...

4 June 2016

100% Biodegradable #13

John Freeman has put up a great promo piece for 100 Biodegradable #13 on his internationally renown website - downthetubes.com

Choosing the artwork of Edward Whatley to preview the issue is a tribute to Edward's incredible skill, attention to detail and colouring expertise.

Click on Edward's work below to link to the website story itself:-

100% Biodegradable #13 will be on sale next month!